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UPDATE: Leatherwood REINSTATED at Southern Baptists’ ERLC

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When I First Knew Kamala Harris Is Evil

The Inglorious Self-destruction of the Democrats

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How to Respond to the Scriptures

How Should We Respond?

Lies “Centrists” Tell II

Lies “Centrists” Tell

Treason is Usually Bad Politics

An Evil Regime. An Enemy Regime.

Book Review: The Unprotected Class - How Anti-White Racism is Tearing America Apart

Jews in the West are Under Attack. We are Under Attack.

Democracy IS on the Ballot...

Dangerous HARD FAR RIGHT wins in EU Elections

Fight hard. Fight CLEAN.

After the Trump Show Trial Guilty Verdict

Southern Baptists, Anglicans, the Law Amendment and Conquest’s Second Law

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The Resurgence in Belief is For Real

Graduation Disruptions, Roadblocks and Hate

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Why the PCA inviting David French Really Is Outrageous

My First Rogation Procession

Chicago Democrat Convention 2024 = Chicago Democrat Convention 1968?

Transing Kids and Trans Replacement of Women Demand a Response

Optional Orthodoxy? Time to Leave.

When Leavers Are a Sign of Church Health

Enough is Enough!

If I Were Liz Truss…

The Destruction of Sodom Discovered

THE Eclipse Gives Me a Word of Knowledge

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Anti-Christian Democrat Visibility Day

Woke Church Glossary: “Reconciliation”

A Jarring Palm Sunday Weekend

Should Christians Keep Pretending Support for Democrats Is Okay?

“BLOODBATH!!” — Another Regime Hoax

Christians Enabling the Invasion

A Revolting Week

To Block or not to Block?

Woke Grift Bleeding the Church of England Dry

“How ‘Bout We Stay Out of Politics”

Blue Urban Vomit

Servants of Satan in the Church?

The Occupational Hazard of Anger

Trad Worship Has Become Cool Again

A Sad Farewell to England?

A Lent Challenge to Elon Musk and Substack

A Time for Courage. A Time to Fight.

Are We at a 1989 Moment?

The Time Bomb of Aiding the Invasion

World Relief Supports the Invasion

ACNA Bishop From Pulpit Says Calvin Robinson had “Unclean Spirit”

What's the Big Deal About Women's Ordination?

Big Eva Treachery

Is Evangelicalism Dead?

BREAKING: Mere Anglicanism Conference "Cancels" Calvin Robinson

Big Eva, do you REALLY want to support the Invasion?

Why do “Christians” like Francis “Dialogue” with Marxists?

Why Attempts to Remove Trump From the Ballot are Alarming…

Another Lesson or Two From that Lightning Strike

Lessons From That Lightning Strike on the St. Peter Statue

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