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Apologies for 2024

A “Black Swan” Attack in 2024?

An Anglican Christmas Story

BONUS: A Tractarian Christmas from Dr. Pusey

Roman Catholic Same-Sex Blessings: Rome Has Fallen

About Those Supposedly Trying to Ban Nazis from Substack

Reinventing Education: Elon Musk Gets It

A Tractarian Advent III - A Sermon Series on Conscience

About those "Christians" assisting Rob Reiner

Mamas, don’t let your babies go to Harvard.

Where We Are In the U. S. and the West

A Tractarian Advent II — “Watching for the Unknown Day”

A Tractarian Advent I - A Reserved Apocalypse

My Policy About October 7th Denial

One Cannot Serve God and Wokeness

An Unpleasant Reality Check

The Limits of Tolerance

World Series Illustrates “Go Woke. Go Broke.”

Happy All Saints Day (and Octave)

So We’re Probably in the Great Apostasy. Be Encouraged!

Roman Apostasy and Jew Blaming Updates

Hillary, COVID Vax Mandate Denial, AntiSemitism, and Totalitarianism

Putting up with false teachers in your church?

Pope Francis’ "Pastoral" Fig Leaf for Apostasy

“The Apostasy Comes First”

Statues, ACNAtoo, and you

“He shall think to change times…”

"We are all prisoners of time."

In Praise of Change-Ringing

Was Queen Elizabeth II a Restraint on Societal Decline?

About the Dreher-Wilson Feud

The Problem with InterFaith Dialogue

Strive to Win, but Prepare to Lose

Nehemiah on dealing with opposition II

Yes, those who push Neo-Marxism in the church must be stopped.

Nehemiah on dealing with grifters

In the Maui Wildfires, Wokeness Kills

Nehemiah on dealing with opposition

St. Paul on being a culture warrior


Reinventing Education: New College Florida Update

Thinking on the Plight of Traditional Roman Catholics

Book Review: America’s Cultural Revolution by Christopher Rufo

The Power of Self-Selection

On Three Congregations Departing the SBC and ACNA

Reinventing Education: Will a Few Universities Turn Against CT Wokeness?

Dame Alison Rose RESIGNS as CEO of NatWest

Reinventing Education: The Good Example of St. Swithin

Reinventing Education: American Confidence in Higher Education Plummets

One Reason Why Democrats Are Becoming Even More Monolithic

The Occupational Hazards of Exposing Evil

Pope Francis Meets Satan

Pope Francis Meets Alex Soros

Independence From Government Censorship Day

Hard Lessons from France

Small Numbers

The Regime Wants to Educate Your Kids

Standing Firm When Few Are Standing With You

Holy Ghost!


Washington Post, Schiff Double Down on Russiagate Lies

A Sea of Lies

On Mother’s Day at Church

“Believe All Women”

The Inclusion Room

New Allies. Unexpected Allies.

The Limits of Unity in the Church of England

GAFCON IV Linkfest

The Worst Thing about the Fox-Dominion Settlement

A Big Blue Bailout is Coming

Why Do People Like to Set Dates for the Apocalypse? II

If I were Ron DeSantis...

Following Jesus’ Example This Holy Week

We Must Open Our Eyes

Genesis, Joseph and the Passion of Christ

Upon Giving Up Twitter Anonymity

Why are the woke suddenly disliking the “woke” brand?

Why I Will Not Shut Up

Why Do People Like to Set Dates for the Apocalypse?

About “Retribution” in Today’s American Politics

Bombshell: Bishop Accuses Cardinal McElroy of Heresy

A free offer...

Do you really want God’s presence?

Ash Wednesday Morning

Why the Nicola Sturgeon Resignation is Good News

Pre-Lent, 2nd Corinthians, the REC and me

Wither Britain?

After Democrats Vote to Let the Babies Die

There must be transparency on the Damar Hamlin event.