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The Limits of Tolerance

The Limits of Tolerance

After October 7th and the Nashville Manifesto, we need more INtolerance.

We do tolerance in a society no good by tolerating the evils of woke ideologies and of Islamonazism.

Here’s the excellent

post I quoted.

Rod Dreher's Diary
Where Anti-White Hatred Leads
The podcaster Steven Crowder claims to have gotten images of the Nashville Shooter’s manifesto. Look at what Audrey “Aiden” Hale — who was white — wrote about children in a Christian school: First, as horrible as this is, why would the Nashville police have kept this suppressed? It has been speculated that they didn’t want to encourage any copycats, but that can’t be it. Is it that they didn’t want people to see that Audrey Hale, despite being white, was motivated by race and class hatred? Then again, it is likely that the three pages revealed by Crowder are only part of the overall manifesto…
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I didn’t mention it, but

made an excellent post the other day on how anti-whiteness and anti-semitism go together.

Free Thinking Through the Fourth Turning with Sasha Stone
Is it Anti-Semitism or "Anti-Whiteness?"
Listen now (37 mins) | Our country, at the hands of the Left, is falling apart. There is no center. It is as though termites have eaten away the foundation as we allowed so many activists to dismantle their “systems of oppression,” otherwise known as our heroes, our history, our movies, our achievements, our books, our poetry, our art. If America built it, it is corrupt, say …
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Here is that “white . . . white . . . white” rant of Scotland’s First Minister with Elon Musk’s righteous denunciation.

Here is the excellent Stop Antisemitism x account.

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