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I wasn't all that shocked by the savagery of the terrorists. I suppose you saw the ten minute video, most of it taken from the bodycams of dead terrorists, which the IDF has on its YouTube channel. It's shocking. I'm not a ghoul, and being a mass murder casualty myself, I'm more than averse to seeing the forty - five minute version which the IDF has shown the media, yet I cannot help wishing I could see it. The fellowship of horror and of PTSD accounts for it, I guess.

What has shocked me is what has shocked most people, the discovery that we have a fifth column of robotic intersectional zombies among Western societies which comprises millions of mostly young people. Looking at the scenes of their swarming, in New York, and especially in London, I can't help thinking that gunfire and more gunfire is the only way to deal with them. Christian conversion is, of course, devoutly to be wished, but my hunch is that you'd have as much success in witnessing to them as you would to the Hamas terrorists.

I'm thrilled that we have been given some leaders at this time in history who see things as they are, and recommend that people follow them avidly on YouTube and in their writing online. Douglas Murray is first, last, and always the best. John Anderson's channel is well nigh flawless. The New Culture Forum is good. The guys who do the Triggernometry show, as dangerous as they can be because occasionally, their X rated humor seems ready to push through, have been well disciplined, far sighted, and unafraid. The other day, they had an interview with a man I had never heard of before, who is unafraid to talk about what Britain must do if it wishes to survive. I remember the last name, Atkins.

Suella Braverman, merely for having the courage to state the obvious, has lost her career, and that will happen to others who speak out. Two other good sources are SkyNewsAustralia and, as strange as it may be, The Ayn Rand Institute. Megyn Kelly has been excellent, and unsurprisingly, so has Ben Shapiro.

I watch a lot of an Israeli channel which I can never remember the exact name of. It's something like i24newsEnglish. There is jns, and Stand With Us. unherd, which publishes excellent writing every day, is mysteriously negligent of their YouTube channel.

Douglas Murray is extraordinary. He isn't a Christian and his sexuality, which he never intrudes into an interview with talk of, is dismaying, but the man has tremendous courage, moral and physical, and a clarity of mind which will not tolerate nonsense. I think Orwell and Christopher Hitchens, who despite his tragic resistance to God had the same sort of insight and gutsiness, are Murray's models.

It seems to me that whatever a Christian's eschatology may be, there is such a clear delineation of good vs evil in this that no Christian has an excuse for temporizing, and should speak out whenever and however possible. Your excellent installment today is an example to emulate, Mike.

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It's pretty simple really. Oct. 7th was horrific and disgusting. Where things become complicated, for me, is when certain figures try to use this event to compel some form of compliance with their own ends. I mostly speak of something I am seeing in Texas, but I have no doubt it is a behavior that can and is being repeated elsewhere.

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Now the sexual violence is being documented. To the silence of most feminists of the MeToo variety. A bad date was sexual violence but when Hamas puts a knife in the vagina of an Israeli woman, that’s anti colonialism speaking.

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